Kelly Costello Photography



What is it like to work with me?


A mix of candid and posed shots and a lot of fun!

I’ll ask questions and give you direction, to get you talking and interacting, and to bring out your natural reactions. I want to capture candid images that reflect your dynamic, your quirks, and those little in-between moments that you never knew you did. I also want you to trust me in helping you look your best! I also will do just a few classic poses that will remain timeless forever. I like to be involved in the planning process. I have a timeline to help you plan for photos and lighting. Whether you want my opinion on scheduling or what shoes to get, I’m here to help!!


Who is your second shooter?


We believe two is better than one and I know you believe it too because you’re getting married! His name is Ryan and I have never shot a wedding without him! While I direct and take a more hands on approach to weddings, he brings a slightly more documentary style of photography. This means you will get a mix of posed and candid and maybe even some little moments that you had no idea were happening. He also will work with your groom while I am in the bridal suite with you! This also means more photos and more fun!


When will we see the photos?


ASAP! On a wedding day we have a surprise way of showing off photos we took that day for you and your guests to see. Full wedding galleries are delivered in 4-6 weeks. Engagements and sessions are delivered in 3-4 weeks. The industry standard can be 2 months or more so this is really nice and fast! We are able to do this because we only take on a select # of couples a year.



What are engagement sessions like?


Adventurous! This is when we get to know each other! I’ll ask questions about your love story and tell silly dad jokes. Don’t worry, we can be awkward together like first dates always are!  We will climb some rocks or hang out under some mossy trees and learn how to work with each other while building that friendship. This will come in handy on your wedding day, you will already be comfortable with us and it will be like any other friends showing up to your wedding. We will send you a style and tip guide for your session too to help you feel extra prepared!



How did you get into photography?


Before facebook was kicking and instagram was non-existent, I was always the girl with the disposable camera or the point and shoot. I had no idea what I was doing other than taking photos of butterflies and my friends. Flashforward to college. I took photos of my sister and friends on my cheap Walmart camera for fun. I fell in love with taking photos. After I graduated, from Texas State, I decided that photography would be my life and began to get serious. Within a few days, I had a few weddings booked by some overly trusting friends and it clicked. I knew weddings were for me. I feed off of adrenaline, wedding timelines and lists!! I love photo lists! I’m Type A but photography has allowed me to unlock the creative side of myself that always wanted to come out and celebrate life with people. Wedding Photography revealed my true passion and I am forever thankful that I get to do what I do.