Texas State University Senior Session: Brittanie Perez

The day Brittanie has been waiting for is almost here! The day she will graduate college! Brittanie is a senior Business Management Major with a concentration on...my favorite...Entrepreneurship! You go girl! This May, she will be graduating with cords of honor around her neck and a spring in her step as she accepts the next chapter in her life! Congrats, Brittanie! 

In gorgeous San Marcos, Texas Brittanie and I met up to take some senior portraits. Some on the lovely Texas State campus and some at a local San Marcos park. I had a wonderful time meeting and hanging out with Brittanie! Thank you Brittanie for choosing me as your photographer! 

Texas State is my alma mater. I know the campus a little too well in my opinion! I'm sure Brittanie feels the same.

Brittanie is gorgeous and shines, owning that cap and gown!

Brittanie has a charm about her! You can't help but feel warm and happy when around her! 

After campus, we headed to one of San Marcos, Texas park's. Purgatory Creek Park is a favorite.

The light shined on Brittanie's hair, making a golden halo! 

Brittanie is girly, but she kindly said yes when I asked her to "become one with nature" sitting in the grass! 

Those shoes! A lover of fashion, we bonded over our common love for styles like Free People and Anthropologie! 

A beautiful gal, inside and out! Thank you for a wonderful shoot! 

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