University of Texas Senior: Skyla Sale

The time is here!

Skyla is in the last full month of her bachelor degree at UT. All of her hard work has payed off and she is so close to strutting across that stage to get her diploma! A future High School teacher, Skyla hopes to change many lives! As the job offers roll in and BIG choices are a plenty, she took a moment to soak it all in with a walk down memory lane for her senior portrait session! 

A book reading, traveling, coffee drinking, gorgeous gal, we hit some of her favorite spots from her time spent in Austin, Texas. Skyla is a member of the Texas Spirits, an honorary spirit and service organization which has given her many friends and experiences that she will cherish forever! Memories were made during her time in Austin that she will never forget! After graduation, she hopes to continue to live a life of adventure and legacy! 

Skyla, I had such a good time getting to know you and can't wait to see what the future holds for you! Thank you for choosing me to take your senior portraits! Much Love, Kelly.

Kelly CostelloComment