A Surfside Beach,TX Engagement: Lauren + Clint

He Saw Her Running...

An award winning athlete, Lauren is known for her dedication to running, fast speeds, and incredible endurance.  If you are driving around the small town of Lake Jackson, you are bound to see her running...and that is how Clint met Lauren. 

Lauren caught Clint's eye one day while running around a school track. A former cross country runner himself, Clint approached Lauren and asked her if she knew of any local 5Ks. It was love! After a few more encounters, Clint challenged Lauren to a race. If he won, she would go on a date with him. They went on the date! 

We met at a dewy local field and Surfside Beach, TX for their engagement session. The air was warm and the sun illuminated Lauren's golden hair. The couple laughed, danced, and even rode a bike during our shared afternoon. Lauren and Clint, I had a wonderful time with you and I can not wait for your wedding in May! 

Lauren is what you call a local celebrity in Brazoria County's little spot of the Gulf Coast. She is a state and nationally acclaimed runner! They are a perfect fit, both having a love for the race! 

For a slideshow of their engagement session....CLICK HERE!!

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