Personal Post: Happy Birthday, Ryan!

From day one that I started this photography journey I have had the luxury of constant support and love in the form of my parents, boyfriend, and friends. I even remember thinking to myself when building this website... even if this is a crazy idea, I know I have their love and support either way.

Ryan has held a front row seat through this first 9 months and has seen it all. All the success and all the fails. He is my first choice when it comes to my second shooter for my weddings and has done a wonderful job! Besides being a second perspective and support system to what is always a crazy wedding day, he carries water, snacks(a necessity), my sanity, and a smile. When people ask, I always say "he is my secret weapon". 

Thank you Ryan for all you do. For carrying my water, (of course) snacks, and a welcoming smile everyday. To more years of finishing each other's sentences and learning how to do it all..I love you to the moon and back. Kelly

Kelly CostelloComment