Personal Post: Fear Less Thoughts

This past weekend was full of first times. At the top of the list, it was our first double wedding weekend. Two days, Two weddings, 8 hours of driving somewhere in between. Yes, I was jumping for joy! I have wonderful, beautiful clients in love!  But also to keep it real with you, I couldn't help but also have a little fear. It was something new, never tested, no rehearsal. Lets face it, there is no way to practice a double wedding weekend.

I was filled with crazy thoughts. They just kept coming. I began to realize I had to drive out these fearful thoughts with fearless thoughts. Here are some lessons I've learned that I tried to remember in this "worry" of a situation. 

Lesson 1. You show up and do your best.

Lesson 2. Fear kills dreams. 

Lesson 3. Fear does not keep you safe. 

After thinking these fearless thoughts, I felt more empowered, confident, and went back to my excited self. I was able to relax, do my best for my clients and myself, and ENJOY the journey. Now on the Monday after, I am at peace and happy with our performance. Sometimes we are thrown into new situations that have no guarantee of success. Don't let worry steal your joy and thankful heart. Be Fearless. 

Kelly CostelloComment