A Southern Engagement in Brazoria County: Nick + Danielle

She didn't even know his name...

Danielle was sitting in a speech class when a tall boy with cowboy boots caught her eye.  One morning, a small group from the class decided to get breakfast tacos. When Danielle showed up the the restaurant, the only other classmate to show was the same tall boy in cowboy boots. Nick happened to be chatting with a worker who knew him by name and Danielle thought to herself "He has a name... Nick".  After some talking and tacos, the two had broken the ice. Danielle later took to social media to find Nick and be the first to alert him of class being canceled.  After that, the two started to become better friends and eventually began dating. 

When Danielle transferred colleges and began attending East Texas Baptist University, the two started a long distance relationship. Danielle's family owns some East Texas land and one day, Nick told Danielle that he was going to be hunting on the land and asked if she would help fill the feeders with him. As they walked the property, Danielle knew that something was up. As they approached a clearing, Nick got down on one knee and asked Danielle to marry him. Danielle said yes! 

Right along the Brazos River, I met up with Danielle and Nick for the first time ever! They are the cutest couple with such a sweetest hearts. I can not wait for their wedding next year! 

See more photos and their slideshow here! 

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