Austin Wedding Photographer Cotton Field Engagement Inspiration: Brooke and Taylor

Key word, Inspiration! Though not engaged, Brooke and Taylor are a sweet sweet couple who now live a mere several streets from me.  Feeling spontaneous, we jumped in the car and headed to a few local spots that have been on my mind lately. 

The 2 hours we spent driving and taking photos were filled with all sorts of cute moments that were just too cute to share. From coming upon an old church to having the sweetest old truck drive right into one of our photos for the ultimate "photo bomb", the shoot was full of surprises. 

To top it off, my friend, Kayli at Bloom Bar made Brooke a flower crown to rock at the shoot. Brooke and Taylor, should be models (I'm convinced) but are professional adventurers who also run the blog Texas Vibes. Show them both some love! 


Flower Crown: Bloom Bar

Follow the models! Brooke and Taylor's adventures at Texas Vibes

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