San Marcos, Texas Engagement Session: Natalie and Brandon

Brandon and Natalie are the type of couple you want to be best friends with.  Brandon's an engineer, and Natalie a soon to be Nurse Anesthetist, they are smart, thoughtful, quirky, and ridiculously fun!  During their engagement session, I soon learned that they both love to dance but prefer unchoreographed when possible, and I can't help but think that they live their lives in a very similar way to the way they dance!  These two live life by their own rules and love each other in ways no one else can! 

We met out at Purgatory Creek Natural Area to take some photos at sunset. With them both living in different parts of the state and country, I was so happy to have some time with them a few days before their wedding day! It was a gorgeous day for an engagement session. The light golden and the tall grass flowing in the wind,  Natalie showed all of us that she really can rock any dress in any color!