Personal Post: Fear Less Thoughts / by Kelly Costello

This past weekend was full of first times. At the top of the list, it was our first double wedding weekend. Two days, Two weddings, 8 hours of driving somewhere in between. Yes, I was jumping for joy! I have wonderful, beautiful clients in love!  But also to keep it real with you, I couldn't help but also have a little fear. It was something new, never tested, no rehearsal. Lets face it, there is no way to practice a double wedding weekend.

I was filled with crazy thoughts. They just kept coming. I began to realize I had to drive out these fearful thoughts with fearless thoughts. Here are some lessons I've learned that I tried to remember in this "worry" of a situation. 

Lesson 1. You show up and do your best.

Lesson 2. Fear kills dreams. 

Lesson 3. Fear does not keep you safe. 

After thinking these fearless thoughts, I felt more empowered, confident, and went back to my excited self. I was able to relax, do my best for my clients and myself, and ENJOY the journey. Now on the Monday after, I am at peace and happy with our performance. Sometimes we are thrown into new situations that have no guarantee of success. Don't let worry steal your joy and thankful heart. Be Fearless.