The Springs Wedding with Nautical Details : Bailey + Ronnie

It was a match made at a Homecoming dance. 

Amongst the hustle and bustle of high school halls, a girl named Bailey caught Ronnie's attention.  He was smitten with her cute smile and sweet demeanor.  Bailey was kind to everyone she met!  Ronnie decided to ask Bailey to the Homecoming dance and after having the best time together, they soon became good friends and began dating through college. 

On their wedding day, both Ronnie and Bailey relaxed with their closest friends. It was just what they both wanted, a day spent with family and all others who have touched their lives.

From the mariachi band, to the piece of Bailey's grandmother's wedding dress sewn into her own, they made their day special and unique. 

Bailey and Ronnie, you two were the sweetest and had the most amazing day ever.  Your relationships with your families especially blew me away and showed me that there was no other way then for them to be right by your side when you said "I do".

Ronnie and Bailey thank you for having me as your wedding photographer! We wish you all the love and happiness! 

Kelly CostelloComment