New Braunfels, Texas Wedding: Kayla and Tyler by Kelly Costello

Tyler knew he wanted to propose to Kayla for a good while, but it was just a matter of finances and timing to make it all come together. After Tyler found out he would be leaving sooner than expected for basic training, he knew it was time.  Tyler proposed to Kayla on March 6, 2015 in a very romantic setting at Barton Springs Greenbelt in Austin, TX. It was a long hiking trail lined with lit candles that led her toward him and a beautiful set up of flowers, champagne, and a waterfall background.

Kayla and Tyler first met each other in high school and knew of each other throughout the years, however, it wasn't until their senior year that they began to date. They have been dating since December 17, 2009. Together they have battled against the odds as they made it through college years and are now working to develop their careers in the real world.  Kayla and Tyler had the prettiest ceremony at the Milltown Historic District wedding venue in New Braunfels.  On the Faust Street bridge nearby, we had a gorgeous sunset portrait session with the couple.  The sun setting behind the trees and also reflecting off of the Guadalupe River enveloped the couple and an angelic glow.  

Kayla and Tyler, thank you for entrusting us as your wedding photographers.  We had a wonderful time and are so happy for you too.  We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together in Hawaii!


Hondo Texas Engagement Session: Caylie + Jake by Kelly Costello

One hot summer day on the river in New Braunfels, Texas,  a starry-eyed Caylie mustered up the courage to say hello to a cute boy named Jake.  She lead off with the most classic of classic lines: “Hey, how old are you?”.  Instant chemistry.  A few weeks later,  Caylie took a trip to visit him in his hometown of Hondo, Texas, and the two felt a spark.  A few years down the road,  Caylie and Jake are road tripping to West Texas.  To cap off the first day, the two spent the evening outside of their yurt waiting for the mysterious Marfa Lights to appear on the horizon.  Jake was planning on waiting until later in the trip to propose to Caylie, but decided that the moment was right.  Under the endless expanse of twinkling stars in the sky,  Jake knelt down and held his heart out in his hand, or rather, a stunning engagement ring.  Caylie said yes!!

We had the opportunity to go on a short road trip to Jake’s family’s 100 year heirloom plot out in Hondo, Texas for their engagement session.  With rolling thunder clouds in the distance,  it made the shoot feel all the more epic and unpredictable. Thankfully, the rain went around us and even cooled us off just a tad. Caylie and Jake were very much in their element as we rode down to the creek, wandered the woods, and caught an amazing Texas sunset in the field. 

Caylie and Jake, thank you so much for choosing us as your engagement photographers. We loved being out in the country taking in the fresh air with you both while taking some gorgeous photos. We seriously can not wait for your wedding next April!